Christian Adventures A Ministry of Cran-Hill Ranch

Since 1978 Christian Adventures(CA) has been outfitting and guiding groups throughout Norh America. CA's goal
is to offer challenging outdoor adventures in order to explore God's creation, build relationships through
community and help people grow in their faith.


Which Adventure is for you?

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Group Adventures are exclusive trips for groups. If you are a youth pastor, group leader, large family, or other type of
group, Christian Adventures specializes in Adventure Tours designed for you!


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Are you an individual, couple, or small group of friends, who are looking for an adventure trip that is based around Christ?




", I was able to see God through all the fun.…It’s easy to see God in a beautiful mountain sunset, but I also saw him in his smaller creatures and plants.  Seeing how a tree adapts to its surroundings is difficult to comprehend in and of itself.  I realize that a God who cares for the mountains and all that is in it also cares for me and all about me.  "

—Nate Bult


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CA Adventure Race & Triathlon

Christian Adventures

Join us this summer for two great oppotunities to explore nature and test your strength and endurance.

Our 5th Annual CAR-Christian Adventures Race is July 18, 2015. This will test your outdoor skills with a 5 mile hike/run, a 2 mile canoe paddle and an 12 mile mountian bike ride.

The 19th Annual Cran-Hill Triathlon will be August 1, 2015. Swim .5k in our lake, race 12k on our road course and run 4k on our outdoor trails. Races as individuals or teams.

Download forms below and we will see you this summer!!

2015 CAR Entry Form

2015 Triathlon Entry Form