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Skills & Requirements
YAs a Christian Adventures Guide you must be a strong, mature Christian, who claims Christ as your Lord and Savior. You must also be a person who is willing and eager to learn new skills and have a heart both for Teens and Adults. Adventure experience in backpacking, rock climbing, Mt./road biking, and outdoor ministries is also highly valuable. All CA staff must be 20 years of age by June 15th.   

Staff Training
All positions require a significant amount of training. Training will begin in Michigan at the Christian Adventures Basecamp & Offices. Training will involve on-site discussions and teaching, as well as off-site experiences. Guides will learn about CA's philosophy of ministry, leadership, group facilitation, and the many types of activities guides lead throughout the summer – backpacking, rock climbing, road cycling, mountain biking, team building, adventure courses, and more. All CA guides are required to have first aid training, prior to arriving for training. Head guides must be certified as Wilderness First Responders (WFR). All other guides must have a minimum of First Aid and CPR. 

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"I expected to be amazed and speechless at the sight of such majestic mountains, but instead was humbled and belittled.  The mountains showed me how my life and the worries I have in it are so insignificant."

—Alex Box

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