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Christian Adventures

Christian Adventures (CA) began in 1978 with a dream, ten people, a brown Ford van with orange shag carpet, and a 700-mile bike tour of Wisconsin and Michigan. Our dream was that through challenging and enjoyable outdoor adventures people would come to know God, each other, and grow spiritually. Since that first trip, thousands of people have biked, backpacked, climbed, rafted, canoed, and sailed with CA in the United States, Canada, and Europe. While the people, places, and adventures have been diverse, our dream has remained the same since the beginning.


Why Should Your Group Go on An Outdoor Adventure?

Many young people today do not understand the true meaning of adventure - that adrenaline-filled exposure to the wildness of God and Creation. That is what you will experience as we explore the remote corners of the world in awesome ways!

Equip your self and other in your group for leadership by discovering your gifts and passions and how God wants to use you for the Kingdom. Through coaching and practical experience, you will be challenged to lead others on daily activities.

Share the love of Jesus with the local community through a variety of projects. Whether you build a home, serve a meal, or spend time with the lonely, you will blessed as you bless others.

Through solitude, study, creation, and community, you will sense the presence of the Lord in a significant way. Be challenged to deepen your relationship with God and discover God's calling for your life.

Spend intentional time with others in your group, deepening your relationships and learning to depend on one another. Work together on everything from cooking a meal to studying God's Word. Experience the encouragement, accountability, and support that Christian community offers.



Christian Adventure's purpose is to offer outdoor adventures through which people:

  • Come to know God in a real and personal way
  • Mature into a unique representation of the character of God
  • Experience genuine community
  • Enjoy the outdoors in a safe, responsible way

How We Live Out This Purpose

We plan, organize, and lead bicycling, backpacking, climbing, and rafting adventures in the United States and Canada. Each trip has a goal of realizing some or all facets of our purpose. Specifically this happens through:

  • morning quiet times and meditation
  • the beauty and inspiration of creation
  • the physical challenge of the experience
  • interaction with staff and other adventures
  • evening gatherings which include worship, teaching, discussion, etc.

"I expected to be amazed and speechless at the sight of such majestic mountains, but instead was humbled and belittled.  The mountains showed me how my life and the worries I have in it are so insignificant."

—Alex Box

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