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Our staff-to-camper ratio is 1 to 3.

Cran-Hill Ranch is a place with plenty of hills, gravel roads and steps. Campers need to be independently mobile and have reasonable balance.


Our Camp Health Officer is trained and qualified for medication management and first aid. Other specific medical needs will be evaluated from your registration/health form, but may not be able to be accommodated.


Download the PDF file below to see our packing list, and how to prepare for an amazing week at Cran-Hill Ranch.


Special Needs (Friendship) Camp at Cran-Hill Ranch is a 4 night/5 day summer camp opportunity for mentally impaired campers age 15 and older that provides a safe, fun, and Christian summer camp experience for persons with developmental disabilities. This camp is designed to embrace each camper’s physical, social, mental, and spiritual capabilities.


Physical Ability: Camper must be ambulatory and able to move from place to place without consistent one-on-one assistance. Camper should also be able to adequately communicate daily living needs and desires (either verbally or non-verbally). Camper must need no assistance or only limited assistance with eating/drinking, showering, dressing/grooming, and toilet needs or menstrual care.

Medical Needs

Camper must have medical needs that can be met by staff trained in basic first aid. One-on-one care or supervision is not provided. We are unable to accept campers with communicable diseases that are easily transmitted during regular camp activities. We also do not accept seizure active campers or campers who require frequent monitoring, care, or assistance by a trained health professional.

Social Ability

Camper must be able to willingly integrate into and participate at their own level in our camp setting and camp activities in a non-disruptive manner, including a group environment for housing, eating, instruction, and recreation. Camper must not display harmful behavior toward self or others.

Camp Policy

The Friendship Camp level of instruction, activities, and staffing specifically targets the needs of campers who are relatively physically independent. Our camp setting, facilities, and schedule as well as our staff numbers and training provide a rewarding, safe experience for campers who can participate with a staff to camper ratio of 1:3

Cran-Hill Ranch holds the right to deny acceptance of applicants or require the early dismissal of campers due to evidence of an applicant or camper not meeting the camper eligibility listed above. The denial or dismissal decision will be made after careful consideration by the camp Program Director.


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