The Best Event You Won't Show Up To! 

We don't know what you're planning to do, but we know you are not coming to this awesome event.


On July 22nd, 2020, you might be...

curling up with your favorite book, going for a hike with your family, grilling out by the lake, or just sitting on the couch. Why not take the evening to join together with so many other CranHill supporters by attending the CranHill: Unevent to support The Ranch. 


You won't want to miss this exciting opportunity to help CranHill during these difficult financial times caused by the Covid-19 shut down. The “Unevent” will feature music from your favorite christian artist, dinner from your favorite local restaurant, a fun family activity, a message from CranHill president Scott Barger, and the creation of life long memories. The best part of this event is that you don’t have to leave your home to attend! That’s right...this will be the biggest, most impactful event that you will never attend. 


Once you are registered, you will be provided with a packet of information that will guide you through the evening of the event. We encourage you to spend your evening listening to your favorite christian artist, taking part in a fun activity with friends and family, enjoy dinner from your favorite dine in or take out restaurant, listen to a brief message from CranHill president Scott Barger on the state of The Ranch, and make some lifelong memories along the way. 


It is easy for you and your family to not attend this event…


1.) Register for the event on our website. (Kids attend free!!!)

2). Choose a party favor...that will stay at CranHill for us to use.

3). Share this Unevent on social media with an invite for your friends and family to attend with you. 

4). On the night of the event, take a picture or shoot a video of how you are celebrating the evening and post them with the hashtag #CHRunevent so everyone can see them!

Date: Wednesday July 22nd, 2020

Time: Evening..or all day!

Location: Your House

Dinner Provided By:

CranHill Ranch has been experiencing a large drop off in income and donations due to the COVID-19 shut down. This, coupled with having to make the very difficult decision to cancel our youth summer camps, we are looking to our CranHill families and business partners to help us fill the financial gap. 

Why and Unevent? We have so many people connected to CranHill that if even a portion of them attended a physical event, we would not be able to hold them in any of our buildings! Even if we could, we would not be able to host the event due to gathering restrictions due to COVID-19. We wanted to make sure that our friends still had the opportunity to show their support for our mission of Transforming Lives into the Image of Christ. 

That’s where the Unevent comes in. This event will allow our supporters to come together and rally for our cause...without having to actually be in the same building. Thus making it possible for hundreds of families to help us fill the gap in funds that were lost over the last 4 months. 

Click the button below and register for your adult tickets (remember kids attend for free!). When you are there, you will be able to either purchase individual tickets at $50 per person, sponsor a table of 8 people (so your friends can attend with you) for $400 a table, and become an event sponsor for $150. 

You will also have the opportunity to purchase your own Party Favors...because everyone likes getting those!...However, these party favors work a little differently. See, we are just going to keep the party favors that you purchase, since you probably don’t have a need for bales of hay, gallon jugs of sanitizer, lots of youth bibles, or large amounts of propane or electricity. 

These party favors will help us cover some of the operating costs that we will incur this summer no matter the number of guests on hand. 

All proceeds from the “Unevent to Support The Ranch” will benefit CranHill Ranch and our mission to Transform Lives into the Image of Christ! 


2 Bales of Hay    $10.00
Petting Farm Food    $10.00
Ammunition/250 shells    $15.00
Case of Toilet Paper    $30.00
Gallon of Sanitizer    $40.00
Propane/Electricity Per Day    $250.00
Bibles for Camp/cabin -16 campers    $200.00
Gas/Fuel per month    $1,000.00
Sponsor a Summer Staffer    $2,500.00

These party favors will help us cover some of the operating costs that we will incur this summer no matter the number of guests on hand. 

CranHill is Michigan’s choice campground, Christian summer camp, and retreat center focused on building relationships, strengthening families, and transforming lives into the image of Christ. Plan your Michigan Summer vacation today.