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Start Firearm Season Off Right.
Registration Open!

It's the best “Deer Camp” experience you will have this season. This is the one time during the year we open our property to hunters so the hunting should be good.


Come together with friends, parents, kids or someone from your life you are mentoring. Let us take care of every detail while you focus on bagging the “big one” and developing a legacy with your family and/or friends. 


Oh, and come ready for some incredible food and a great legacy building retreat together.

Campus Opens at 11:00 AM on the 14th with Blind Selection and Welcome at 4 PM.

Price: 165.00

Ages: ALL (under age attendees must be accompanied by a licensed hunter)

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CranHill Property

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Meet Ross Graveling!

2023 Retreat Chaplain

Ross is the Executive Director of Sportspersons Ministries out of Grand Rapids where he lives with his family. Ross loves the outdoors, but especially deer hunting. He spends most of his time chasing big bucks with his bow but is looking forward to sharing in this experience up at the Ranch.


Ross has successfully harvested over 20 bucks with his bow, traveling all over the mid-west. He has appeared on several TV shows over the years, last year he filmed his son shooting a deer that appeared on Midwest Whitetails. Besides harvesting deer himself, he has been with lots of others when they have harvested their first animals.


One of the most prized trophies he shot is a GIANT 8 point he killed a few years ago in MI on public land with his bow (picture). Ross is eager to not just share deer stories, but also stories about the One who created the outdoors we love. 

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