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Feeding Souls in the Heart of CranHill

Elevate CranHill By Supporting This Exciting New Dining Hall Project

Embark on a transformative journey with CranHill as we strive to build a new dining hall, meeting essential food service needs for campers, retreat attendees, staff, and families. This campaign aims to replace our aging Lodge Facility, providing warm meals for over 450 guests, enhancing kitchen capabilities, and offering spaces for community events. Your support is key to creating a CranHill experience enriched with hearty meals, lasting memories, and transformative moments for everyone involved. Join us in building a foundation for a brighter CranHill future.

Your Donations Matched for Double Impact!

The CranHill Board is thrilled to announce a special family's momentous

$1,000,000 Matching Gift Challenge for our New Dining Hall project.

A generous family has stepped forward, offering this remarkable $1,000,000 gift challenge. Here's the incredible part – every donation you make towards our long-overdue New Dining Hall will be matched, effectively doubling the impact of your generosity. What an incredible opportunity!




Our current dining facility, a place that has witnessed countless moments of fellowship and nourished the hearts and bellies of numerous campers and guests, is beyond showing signs of wear and tear.


Due to the ministry's growth, the seating area is so small that we regularly have two or three seatings for each mealtime, which is incredibly challenging for campers and staff and doesn't allow for proper programming and camp community.

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The kitchen is cramped and in dire shape, quite literally sinking by several inches and falling apart. Although the heat and electricity still functions, they are outdated. The drain field also cannot keep up either.


The building is tired and well beyond its life expectancy, especially for a structure that was never originally intended as a dining hall.


The solution? A new, intentionally designed Food Service Facility that will serve the growing ministry needs of campers and guests for decades to come.

We're not just building a dining hall; we're crafting a space that will enhance our ability to serve and connect. Behind the scenes, our dedicated staff and board are hard at work. Plans are underway with architects, engineers, the county, and the electric company. We hope to unveil the new facility design in the coming months.

The estimated cost of this endeavor in today's economy is $6,000,000, including relocating the horses to a new pasture with a new barn. We know it's a significant endeavor for us, but it's a mere detail in the eyes of our Almighty Lord. With your prayers and support, we believe the goal is well within reach as we truly feel this is guided by the Lord.


Key Benefits

  • Increased Guest Capacity for Meals: 

    • The new dining hall accommodates over 450 guests per meal session, creating opportunities for connection, fellowship, and shared experiences for campers, retreat attendees, staff, and their families.

  • Programming Efficiency: 

    • The expanded guest capacity, coupled with increased kitchen capabilities, streamlines meal services. This efficiency allows more time for campers, retreat attendees, and staff to immerse themselves in activities, build connections, and undergo a life-transforming spiritual journey.

  • Upgraded Kitchen Abilities: 

    • The new kitchen facilities ensure higher quality meals, elevating CranHill's already highly regarded meals program for campers, retreat attendees, staff, and their families.

  • The Ability to Host Events: 

    • The new dining hall opens its doors to host events for the CranHill community, creating spaces for shared celebrations and gatherings.


Join us as a cornerstone in this transformative project. Your support isn't just a donation; it's a pledge to our community, a legacy in the making, and a direct impact on CranHill's future. Together, let's lay the foundation for a brighter CranHill, where the new dining hall represents shared dreams, lasting memories, and transformative moments.

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Scott Barger, President CranHill Ministries.png

Amount Raised: $1,045,000

Campaign Goal: $6,000,000

How To Support This Project

This is your chance to be a foundational legacy donor, contributing to a project that will leave a lasting impact. Your tax-deductible gift will be matched, effectively doubling its reach. Whether you choose to give a gift right now, make a 2-3 year pledge, use stocks, bonds, or transfer funds from a 401k – every contribution matters and will be doubled. Your gift will find a home in a designated fund exclusively dedicated to this project, ensuring its purpose is honored.

Please consider making this not just a gift but rather an extra gift – an offering beyond the ordinary.  While we seek support for this crucial and transformative building, we also cherish and rely on your consistent and regular contributions that sustain our ongoing ministry operations. We need both.

Want to learn more about CranHill and this amazing opportunity? Contact CranHill Executive Director/President Scott Barger via email ( He is excited to share about the life transforming work that God has been and is doing through the ministry at CranHill.

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