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November 1-3, 2024

Registration Opens May 1!

Friendship Camp Retreat at CranHill is a weekend getaway opportunity that provides a safe, fun, and Christian camp experience for persons with special needs.  Come out to CranHill for the weekend to enjoy activities, songs, and tons fun with your friends!! 


This 3 day/2 night retreat is specifically designed to provide a memory filled experience. Check-in begins on Friday night at 7 pm and our weekend is completed at 2pm on Sunday. 


Cost for the retreat is $200.00


Ready to sign up?


Every camper is required to register and apply to attend our Special Needs programs. CranHill staff must approve each camper in order to be eligible to attend. If you did not attend a Summer Friendship Camp, please click the button below to apply. Once we have approved your application you can contact our office to get registered for the retreat.



If you were with us this summer, registration is super easy! Just call the office today to reserve your spot. Your application and medical information from Summer Camp are still valid.



Girls Horsemanship



CranHill is a place with plenty of hills, gravel roads, and steps. Campers need to be independently mobile and have reasonable balance. The Friendship Camp level of instruction, activities, and staffing specifically targets the needs of campers who are relatively physically independent. Our camp setting, facilities, and schedule, as well as our staff numbers and training, provide a rewarding, safe experience for campers who can participate.



CranHill holds the right to deny acceptance of applicants or require the early dismissal of campers due to evidence of an applicant or camper not meeting the camper eligibility listed here (insert link to Friendship Camp Eligibility section in the summer section). The denial or dismissal decision will be made after careful consideration by the camp Program Director.

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