When you stay at CranHill, you can count on having all kinds of exciting activities and offerings! From horseback riding to crafts and fishing, there is plenty here for you to enjoy. Activities vary depending on the season. Check out the sample schedule for an idea of our peak season activities. You must be present at CranHill to purchase an activity ticket. 

Limited activities are offered during our partial family program seasons, as well as our pre & postseasons. Click the link below to see dates for our program seasons. The table below will show what program season each activity is offered.

We also offer day passes for guests that are not staying in the campground. Day passes can be purchased for $2/person or $8/vehicle. Day passes can be purchased at the main office or the Barn Store.

Due to COVID-19, we have had to adjust our maximum participant numbers for our activities. Be sure to get your ticket from the Barn Store as soon as you check-in for your stay!

Activity Options

Sports & Rec


Target Sports



Arts and Crafts

Special Programs

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