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7–10 year olds

Kids spend part of the day in smaller groups learning all about horse care, riding, and the bible. No riding experience is necessary! Our staff is happy to teach you everything you need to know. 

10–13 year olds

For 10–13 year old campers, horsemanship is a continuation of the lessons learned from previous weeks of camp, or riding experience. Don't have any riding experience? No worries! We will teach you. They will spend part of the day with other kids in the Horsemanship camp, and the other part of the day is spent with their cabin group.

13–17 year olds

Spend time each day learning theory and riding skills from our wranglers. 13–17 year old horsemanship is designed to be a continuation of what is learned in previous camps.  Don't worry about experience though, whether this is your first time on a horse or 300th time, we will help you improve your riding skills!

A typical week of horsemanship camp includes approximately 1 hour of instructional riding time with other participants at the same riding level or experience. Lessons are based on Certified Horsemanship Association principles and fun horse games.


Additionally, approximately 1 hour each day is off horse learning time which includes practicing good riding position, learning about horse health, practicing grooming and tacking skills, and learning about equine behavior and more!

Summer Camp

CranHill is looking for students, ages 15-17, to join our team as volunteers for a 3-week session of service, discipleship, and leadership training.


Students will engage as volunteers in horsemanship lessons as assistants, trail ride support, assist in the care of 40 plus horses and petting farm animals and other operational needs. They will learn, serve, and lead throughout their experience. Each participant will be provided with lodging and meals for the duration of their stay.


This will be a development opportunity working toward the possibility of becoming future summer staff, as well as equipping young people with the faith to impact the world for Christ!
This is a unique opportunity to serve shoulder to shoulder with other believers, leaving a lasting impact in the lives of campers and families.


There is no cost to participate!



ACTS (A Call to Serve) participants register for one of three 3-week sessions. Participants arrive on Saturday, serve 3 weeks, and leave on Saturday. Each week will have a different focus: 

  • Week 1: Skills Training and Service

  • Week 2: Service and Leadership Development

  • Week 3: Leadership and Sending


Our desire is that participants leave the ACTS Service Team challenged, changed, and that their faith will be more deeply grounded in joyfully serving the Savior. Their acts of service will not only support the transformation of others into the image of Christ, but through service, they will experience the power of Christ at work within them.


To learn more about the ACTS Service Team, please contact our office at 231-796-7669 or via email at​

Ranch Hands

Trail Rides

Come experience the beauty of God's creation from horseback. The 1 Hour experience includes a 45-minute ride. Includes instruction beforehand.

During your ride you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of CranHill's 380 acres. You will experience a variety of terrain including hills, woods, wet lands and open fields.


  • No Sandals!

  • Helmets are provided.

  • Ages 10 and older, minimum of 52" tall, less than 250lb.

  • Tickets required. (Purchased at the Barn Store)


Cost: $25.00

Pony Rides

Come and lead your child in the safety of our arena. For children ages 9 and under. Tickets required.

Cost: $4.00

Mini-Horse Cart Rides

Younger campground guests get to try their hand at horse cart driving! They will get to know our mini-horse while learning the basics of cart driving. This activity is great for kids ages 5 and older. Tickets required.

Cost: $6.00

Horse Drawn Wagon Rides

Take in the beautiful scenery at CranHill the old fashioned way during one of CranHill's Horse Drawn Wagon Rides. This 30 minute out-and-back ride provides a great opportunity to connect with friends and family while enjoying the ride. 

Cost: Horse Drawn Wagon Rides are provided free of charge to overnight campground guests on Saturday evenings. 

Family camp


Horses have a great way of teaching us more about ourselves, and give us an even greater opportunity to teach us about Jesus. Horsemanship is an activity that by nature creates teachable moments and can challenge participants to evaluate their faith, trust, character, and more. The parallel between the horses' need to trust and follow their master, to our need for a Savior, can set the stage for open hearts and minds for Jesus' calling in our life. 


Join us for CranHill's Spring and Fall riding sessions!


Lessons are for all ages and geared towards teaching the basics of horsemanship up to a higher level of advanced principles of riding.


Our lessons are based on Certified Horsemanship Association guidelines. This hour lesson will include 15 minutes of grooming and tacking, and 45 minutes of instructional riding time.



Private Lessons - 1 Person ($35 per/p)

Semi-Private Lessons - 2-4 People ($33 per/p)

Group Lessons - 5-8 People ($30 per/p)


Please contact our Horsemanship Director, Abiah at for more info.

Riding Lessons
Girls Scouts

Typical Experience includes: 

  • Overview of horse health needs (Dental work, hoof care, feeding needs, vaccinations, deworming)

  • Basic horse knowledge (How to move around a horse safely, how to groom a horse, how to saddle and bridle a horse. The kids will practice these things in their experience)

  • Why horses do what they do and how to communicate with horses.

  • Basic riding skills (start, stop, steer, good riding position, trotting in the arena if the girls are comfortable and confident) in a lesson

  • A trail ride can be included.

  • For more advanced groups we can alter the experience to accommodate.

Please contact our Horsemanship Director, Abiah at for more info and pricing.

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