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Summer Youth Camps: Welcome

7–10 year olds

Kids spend part of the day in smaller groups learning all about horse care, riding, and the bible. No riding experience is necessary! Our staff is happy to teach you everything you need to know. 

10–13 year olds

For 10–13 year old campers, horsemanship is a continuation of the lessons learned from previous weeks of camp, or riding experience. Don't have any riding experience? No worries! We will teach you. They will spend part of the day with other kids in the Horsemanship camp, and they other part of the day is spent with their cabin group.

13–17 year olds

Spend time each day learning theory and riding skills from our wranglers. 13–17 year old horsemanship is designed to be a continuation of of what is learned in previous camps.  Don't worry about experience though, whether this is your first time on a horse or 300th time, we will help you improve your riding skills!

Summer Camp

The 2 week (minimum) Ranch Hand Program is open to 15-18 year olds.

Week 1 Servant Leadership Training:
This won’t be your typical horse and pony show. You will receive riding lessons, we will use horses to learn about servant leadership, teamwork, and the impact we have on others. We will also focus on how we should follow Christ and lead those around us while we serve.

This will be a small group camp experience set apart from all other campers.
Week 2 (or more) Scheduled summer week(s):
You then can come back to put into practice what you learned. You will work alongside the wranglers as they serve campers and work with guests.
You will participate in daily devotions with the barn staff, assist in teaching lessons to beginner levels, and prepare horses for trail rides. You will receive the experience of how a working barn is run which includes: general care, tacking and untacking, feeding and barn maintenance.


To join the RANCH HAND program, register for WEEK 1 of camp. We will then confirm the other weeks of attendance to fit your schedule.


Grab your boots and saddle up!

Ranch Hands


A typical week of horsemanship camp includes approximately 30 minutes of time grooming and tacking each day. Approximately 1 hour each day of off horse learning time which includes practicing good riding position, learning about horse health, practicing tacking skills, learning about why horses do what they do, learning how to better communicate, and how to better lead the horse as its rider and the person it needs to be following.


Trail Rides

Come experience the beauty of God's creation from horseback. The 1 Hour experience includes a 45-minute ride.  Includes instruction beforehand.  LONG PANTS AND CLOSED-TOED SHOES ARE REQUIRED! No Sandals! Helmets are provided. For ages 10 and older, a minimum of 52" tall, and less than 250lb. Tickets required. Cost: $20

What Are The Trails Like?

During the trail ride, we will travel up and down hills, wind through the woods, along some swamps, and head down some rocky paths. Most of the trail is not wide enough for horses to ride side by side so we ride single file.


Pony Rides

Come and lead your child in the safety of our arena. For children ages 9 and under. Tickets required. Cost: $3

Family camp


Horses are a great tool to help teach people about Jesus as they can be great analogies for anything from horse and rider representing us and Christ, to making sure we are putting on the armor of God (analogy making sure we have the equipment for the ride)  so we are ready for what he has for us.


It is an activity that by nature creates teachable moments and can challenge participants to evaluate where their trust really is, is it in God or themselves, or what are the truths they are communicating and believing as they learn to communicate with the horse. It naturally creates situations where patience needs to be practiced, and participants need to understand they cannot expect the horse to do the wrong thing, they have to learn to trust, which is a challenge for many people. 


Join CranHill's Western group riding program this fall.

These lessons are geared towards teaching basic to more advanced principles of horsemanship and riding.
Using the Certified Horsemanship Association guidelines, lessons will include a basic understanding of horse behavior from both the ground and mounted positions. 


There are two available age groups 7-12 years old and 13-18 years old.
All levels of experience welcome.

Cost is only $30 per week with a 6 week commitment.

Contact for more information.

Riding Lessons
Anchor 2

Typical Experience includes: 

  • Overview of horse health needs (Dental work, hoof care, feeding needs, vaccinations, deworming)

  • Basic horse knowledge (How to move around a horse safely, how to groom a horse, how to saddle and bridle a horse. The kids will practice these things in their experience)

  • Why horses do what they do and how to communicate with horses.

  • Basic riding skills (start, stop, steer, good riding position, trotting in the arena if the girls are comfortable and confident) in a lesson

  • A trail ride can be included.

  • For more advanced groups we can alter the experience to accommodate.

Cost:  $25 per participant

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