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When we've needed Him most, God has shown up!

God is doing big things at CranHill, and we are excited about what he will do next! Our goal this GivingTuesday is to raise $5,000. God uses CranHill to provide opportunities for campers, families, and organizations to encounter the Gospel through youth camps, family camping, retreats, and adventure trips. Help us reach even more youth and families to share the love of Christ. Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about your CranHill story. 

This GivingTuesday, you can help provide opportunities for lives to be transformed!


Hannah's Story.

Hannah is a former summer staff member and volunteer

I believe camp, and especially CranHill, is a unique environment to be able to step away from the earthly things that distract us from being fully open and present to experience God and Him working in our lives. God is always at work, but when we have the chance to be fully open to see, hear, feel, and be a vessel for God; that’s a game-changer. Within the few short months that I had the privilege to work at CranHill, my life was changed and I know this was true for many of my campers.


One of the biggest testaments I have to this is about a younger camper that accepted Christ into her heart. When I take a second to think about how profound a statement truly is, I feel a crazy amount of joy thinking that her experiences at CranHill that week played a huge part in transforming her life. By the end of her week at camp, her eternity was literally changed and God was rejoicing as He knew He would get to welcome another one of His children home.


CranHill is also a place that allows campers to come as they are. Many of my high school campers came with a lot of hurt and brokenness, but I believe their time at CranHill allowed them to experience some freedom from this and a space to feel safe enough to open up their hearts to healing. By the power and goodness of God working through the staff, Chaplins, animals, and activities at CranHill, all the campers were able to experience God and He worked on every camper's heart throughout the week. For some campers, it was really obvious the impact their week had on them, and for some campers, they may not fully know or understand yet how their time at CranHill affected them.


I am grateful that CranHill creates an atmosphere for campers to be able to experience the goodness, grace, and love of God and have a week to be able to feel and connect with God in tangible and clear ways.

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